With more than 70 years of experience in these important changes; we know what means to start over in a new country. We offer you a personalized service to make this transition as smooth as it can be.

Orientation tour

We will join you in every moment, we offer you a guided approach to your new location.

  • Delivery of relocation questionnaire and an explanation of the same via telephone.
  • Itinerary with places to visit.
  • Information package
  • Destination guide, city maps, as well as list of shopping centers, schools and hospitals.
  • Guided tour of the area where the expatriate will know the surroundings such as schools, churches, medical services, entertainment services, etc.
  • Service evaluation questionnaire that will be integrated into the file and will be sent to the HR area.

School search

Interview with the executive via telephone to know their requirements and concerns regarding the topic of education.

Advice and recommendation of the best schools according to the areas of interest of the executive.

Visits by appointment to the schools chosen by the executive.

Advice on the process of obtaining legal documents for education.

Take the children to take admission exams.

Advice on the school record once the student has been accepted.

House search

  • Contact with the executive to listen to your housing requirements.
  • Confirm budget with the Human Resources area of the company.
  • Coordinate schedule of visits to different properties that are chosen according to the requirements and the authorized budget.
  • Advice on advantages and disadvantages of each of the properties visited.
  • Negotiation of lease agreement once the property is chosen with the clauses that the company needs to include (properties that do not accept these types of contracts will not be shown).
  • An inventory will be made with photographs of the conditions of the property at the time it is delivered.
  • Verify that the house is fully operational of all services (water, electricity, and gas) before being delivered to the executive.
  • Welcome basket the day the expatriate arrives at his new home.
  • Negotiation of the refund of the deposit once the contract ends.

Settling in

  • Provide information on services with costs (pay TV, telephony, and internet).
  • Advice and support in contracting services (pay television, telephony, and internet).
  • Advice and information of the nearest locksmith to change the combination of the keys of the doors of the property.
  • Obtaining appointment for vehicle license, as well as advice to obtain it.
  • Advice on contracting services such as drinking water and gas.
  • Advice to open bank account.

Language courses

  • Advise about the best place to take the course.
  • Ensure that language placement test is applied to learn.
  • Organize the time and place of the course.

Contract administration

  • Prepare a list of all expatriates that are integrated into your organization.
  • Contact each of the expatriates a month before the end of your contract to ask if you want to continue leasing the property, and if you want to have any repairs done.
  • Give notice to the owner one month in advance that the contract is about to expire and inform him of the desire for renewal or the end of the contract.
  • Negotiate with the owner the terms of the new contract, as well as make sure that the fair increase is applied according to the signed contract.
  • In case the expatriate does not want to continue leasing the property, notify the owner to negotiate the return of the deposit.

Migratory processes

Migration procedures are difficult and can take a long time. Our services of immigration procedures and obtaining visas were designed with the purpose of taking into our hands one of the most complicated processes of a relocation, leaving it in charge of experts in the field.


We coordinate the process so that the transfer of your pet is the safest.

Continuous support

When arriving at a new location, doubts arise about where to go in case of illness, where to pay the bills for housing services, how to obtain a driver's license, how to open a bank account, etc. In MYM we understand the importance of supporting transferred executives and that is why we create the continuous support service to assist the new family in the period of adaptation to their new lifestyle. We recommend that this service lasts for the first two months at least to support the adaptation process.
  • A contact person who will advise you for the duration of the service.
  • 24-hour telephone service for emergencies, and for any matter during office hours.
  • 10 hours of physical service will be given per month for any need such as taking it to the executive somewhere, or assisting in any procedure.