Privacy Policy

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All personal information received by MyM International in any format, is confidential and for that reason, we commit to treat it in that manner, understanding privacy a priority for our personal and the way our processes and services are provided (Packing, loading, transportation, unloading and administrative processes). Personal information will never be sold or shared under any circumstances, unless required by authorities or the exceptions marked on this document

MyM International CEO
September 2019

Privacy principles
In MyM International we take privacy very serious. To set the basis for this policy, we stand on the following principles:
Trust: Privacy is based on trust. The trust you bring us when you share your personal information sets an equal relationship between you and MyM International. We will treat that information in a fair manner, using it only to provide a quality service. We will take the required actions to ensure that your information will never be available to other parties that can treat it for different intentions.

Transparency: You have the right to have clear information on how we treat your personal data. You have the right to know how we collect, treat and share your information. If you have any comments or questions, you always can contact us and address all questions in relation to these subjects. We are open to answer all of them in a clear manner.

Personalized attention: If you have any concern or doubt on how we treat your information, we commit to work in a prompt way to satisfy your inquiries or doubts. We know how important this is for you and we are glad to address any solution to make you feel safe.

Preventive actions: We understand that the best way to avoid misuse of your information is to implement preventive actions between our processes. We apply a variety of security locks and verifications to ensure privacy is a reality.

In accordance to the law: We have detected our international and regional legal frame in privacy. All the requirements have been identified and carefully taken to account so we can comply with all regulations. If there is no specific requirements in one scenario, we will apply common terms in this policy.

Privacy Policy Scope
This privacy policy apply to all the information we collect, in order to provide the services of MyM International.

Customer attention:
Within México:
(55) 2974-9400
From outside Mexico:
++(52) 55-2974-9400

Information collected in websites or applications not property of MyM International.
Information collected by third parties that claim to stay on behalf of MyM International without our consent.
Information collected in websites of third parties in wich MyM International is advertised but are not property of MyM International
Any other site has its own privacy policies, so we recommend you to read them carefully before you accept the use of such sites.

We’ll never collect, use, reveal or sell personal information without your consent. If for any reason we need to use it with different uses as declared, we will ask your permission before. If your decision is not to allow us to use it in other purposes, we will take all actions to ensure that your particular information will not be used.

In some cases your information can be treated in an anonymous manner for marketing behavior or tendencies for internal use in MyM International. However if you are not agree with this please contact us to set this as a specific requirement.

Any consent to use your information in other purposes never subrogates this policy nor its principles.


Collected information might be classified in accordance to the intended use:

Customer identification: Name, address, contact data at home, office, email, etc.

Service requirements: Movement volume, inventory of content, origin and destination as well as dates for pick up and delivery

Legal requirements: Copy of personal id cards, green cards, visas, passports, traveling tickets, migration status documentation, insurance policy and custom requirements.

Quality analysis: Customer satisfaction surveys, recommendations, complains or comments.


We do not collect any information about you, your location, nor any other personal data through our websites.

Our websites can retrive information only when you share it in our online forms. For now our websites don’t use “cookies” or any other tools that automatically collect information about the visitor.

We can collect personal information by other sources: Commercial data bases, public data bases or third parties data bases where you have given permission to share it. That kind of data can include:
Adress (at origin, destination or any other provided for contact and services realization)
Phone numbers (mobile, work or other provided for contact)
Email address

In order to provide a quality service, we share your information in different stages of the services with third parties involved:
Mover agents at origin or destination
Custom brokers or agents
Insurance brokers or agents
Shippers, trucking or airlines
Ground transportation companies
Special services companies (towing, unions) as required by local regulations only
Any official organization requiring information by legal causes.

However, all those parties are informed and committed to accomplish the elements of this privacy policy and its principles; more over we have taken all legal and ethic measures to ensure that our supply chain and third parties know, understand and maintain such policy.

In day to day business we don’t share your information. However in certain situations might be required to:

• Enforce legal therms in our websites
• To develop investigations in case of suspect violation of this policy and principles
• To prevent from fraud or any technical vulnerability detected in the websites or our IT systems
• To comply with any legal action required by an official organization.

Your personal information might not be legally protected in other countries as is in your original country. However we ensure that any third party that receives your data has understood the application of this policy and its principles no matter their local regulations. They have the right to use it only in the purposes that MyM International commits to them.

We take all reasonable cautions to maintain safe all information collected and to demand to the third parties that take as well the same attitude towards information protection. The access to your information is restricted to avoid unauthorized access, misuse or misunderstanding on how such information should be treated.

You have the right to establish if:
You don’t want to be contacted by us in the future
Want a copy of the personal information records that we keep from you
Want to update, modify or eliminate your personal information from our records
Want to report any unauthorized use of your personal information
We ask you kindly to contact us and identify yourself to help us to process any of your inquiries.

We can modify from time to time the actual Privacy Policy. Changes will be available to the public in our websites. Such changes will be published and identified with reasonable time to make them easily identified. We recommend you to visit with regularity our websites to be aware in case of changes. We review this policy at least once a year

Last update: September 2019

MyM International is against any corruption and its consequences, and will take all possible actions to eradicate this important issue in our customer aproach – supply chain processes and promote a fair environment for business
MyM International C.E.O.
September 2019


This policy comply the following requirements:

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, federal law from the United Status of America (FCPA)

OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions


DECREE for amendments, supplements or provisions of the Constitution of the United Mexican States , on the subjects for fighting corruption , published in the DOF (Official federal diary) on May, the 27th from 2015.

In case of comments, doubts or complains, you can address your inquiry to:

Or you can contact the main phone lines for MyM International, you will be promptly transfered to the anti-corruption attention:

If you prefer personal assistance, you can try our phone number: +(52) 2974-9400

MyM International Social Responsibility
As an International organization member of FIDI, MyM International is commited to comply the following policies:

Environmental protection in our labor and low impact during our operations
Healthy and safety environment for our employees
Equity among differences in human relationships (race, sexual orientation, religion, health conditions are no cause for discrimination)

MyM International in the Fight Against Cartels
MyM International supports the adoption of Anti-Trust compliance programs by FIDI and its Affiliates. In this connection, we are determined to support the fight against cartels, which restrict competition among suppliers to the detriment of customers.

Our membership to FIDI is highly valued by its Affiliates, and to ensure that value continues, all FIDI Affiliates pledge to abide by the highest ethical standards and to free and fair competition.
The Anti-Trust Charter is a declaration of commitment. It will strengthen MyM International, the FAIM programme, and all Affiliates by making it clear what distinguishes FIDI Affiliates from non-FIDI companies.

We as well as all FIDI Affiliates agree to sign and be guided by the provisions of the Anti-Trust Charter. The Anti-Trust Charter covers their employees (whether permanent, fixed- term or temporary) and any associated third parties providing services to or on behalf of the FIDI Affiliates.
The Anti-Trust Charter will be integrated into FAIM. The procedural and audit requirements will form part of the FAIM Implementation Manual and the Pre-Audit assessment.

What Is a Cartel?
A cartel is an agreement, concerted practice or conspiracy among competitors to fix prices, submit collusive tenders, divide or share markets and, more generally, restrict competition.
A cartel is regarded as the most egregious violation of Anti-Trust laws in most jurisdictions, which may lead to the imposition of significant fines as well as, in certain jurisdictions, criminal penalties.

We Will Not Tolerate Cartel Conduct

MyM International and FIDI respects the Anti-Trust laws and regulations in the countries in which it operates and requires that its Affiliates do the same. Involvement in a cartel is unacceptable. It is against FIDI’s core values of competing freely and fairly, based on the added value of its products and services.
The laws and regulations that sanction cartel conduct are in place in most jurisdictions. These laws and regulations are designed to promote free and fair competition and to protect consumers. Anti-Trust compliance programs are e to detect and prevent cartels.

All FIDI Affiliates commit to legal and ethical behaviour, and to refrain from engaging in any business that will harm the interests of FIDI, other affiliates, clients, or the industry. FIDI and its Affiliates will take steps to ensure they are fully informed of applicable Anti- Trust laws and regulations in connection with cartel conduct and other Anti-Trust violations, and will monitor their employees and business partners to ensure full and continual compliance.

Legal compliance
We, the people of MyM International are aware of all applicable laws and regulations covering anticompetitive practices in all the jurisdictions were we operate, and we will obey and uphold those laws and regulations.

We will ensure that they are aware of, and are complying with, applicable laws and regulations in connection with cartels.

Ethical behaviour
As a demonstration of its commitment, MyM International, FIDI and its Affiliates pledge to take a zero- tolerance approach to cartel conduct. At all times, acting professionally, fairly and with the utmost integrity in all business dealings and relationships. This apply wherever we operate.

MyM International Commitment to the values of FIDI are described as:
Never make direct or indirect (via third parties including agents, suppliers or customers) contact with an actual or potential competitor or other third party, the object of which is to engage in cartel behavior.
Never propose or reach an agreement, whether directly or indirectly, formally or informally, with actual or potential competitors, regarding any sensitive competition-related issues, including:
Fixing prices
Dividing or sharing markets, customers or territories
Rigging a competitive bidding process
Report any indication or initiative of improper anticompetitive business conduct by an actual or potential competitor in accordance to your internal reporting procedure, including but not limited to, reporting to your legal department and/or to the relevant Anti-Trust authorities.
Not to participate in a meeting of a trade association in which sensitive competition-related issues are discussed. If such subjects are raised during a meeting, employees of FIDI Affiliates must immediately ask for the discussion to end. If not, they must leave the meeting and ask for that to be noted in the minutes of the meeting.
Ensure that all internal and external correspondence, including e-mails and texts, and documents, discussions and public statements do not contain any statements that might be misinterpreted by third parties or Anti-Trust authorities and courts in the context of a potential Anti-Trust investigation.
Maintain independent judgment in pricing or selling of any products and/or services.
Limit any information discussed during commercial negotiations, with or disclosed to competitors or other third parties, to that which is strictly necessary for completing or assessing the transaction.

We are sending individually to all our business associates (Supply chain parties) an individual agreement that includes all this elements, to ensure this is taking in account seriously as we are.

MyM International
September 2019