International Moves

Our main goal is our customer peace of mind. We operate under the highest safety to ensure that your household goods arrive in the best conditions anywhere in the world. 

We have cutting-edge technology for tracking the goods in transit, highly trained operative staff and years of experience on the market.


We have the support of an experienced team of trained packers and certifications that assure our operation according to the strictest international quality standards in packaging. In this way we ensure the protection of your goods and we guarantee that your move will be handled by the best professionals in the business, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your loved possessions are in the right hands. Our different types of packaging and materials can be adapted to your needs.


Our warehouses are located in strategic areas of the country, in addition to being equipped with security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a closed surveillance circuit.

We have trained personnel expert in handling and storage insurance for your stored goods.


We have strategic alliances with the best insurance companies specialized in household goods, storage of goods in transit and vehicle transfers.


We support you with the coordination of the safe transfer of your move.


Frequent questions

Can I include food in an international move?

It is not possible to include food in international removals according to current regulations.

Do I have to hire an insurance policy for my move?

To insure the goods that you include within the move it is necessary to make a list valued before the packing date, for which we recommend you evaluate the value of your goods in the country of destination. We can help you to secure your assets throughout the process from packing, transit and temporary storage if required.

Can I bring medicine and alcohol?

Mexican regulations do not consider medicines and alcohol as part of the household, it is better not to include them.

Can I send my personal documents and passports in the move?

Important documents must remain with you at all times in order to have them on hand if required.

Can I include my car in the move?

Yes, the moving specialist can inform you of the regulations of the country of destination. It is relevant to take into account that the car must travel with gasoline in the reserve and should not have items inside.

I already know what I am moving, should I pack boxes by myself?

It is not possible to pack belongings in boxes in advance, international customs regulations do not allow it. Your moving specialist will be able to offer you a comprehensive service that includes the packing and the insurance of the goods.

How can I start preparing my international move?

You should contact a moving specialist who can inform you about the customs regulations about origin and destination country. You must consider the volume of items to be transported, special packing may be necessary. It is also important to review the accesses and thus anticipate the handlings that are required.

Can I bring all my electronic items in the move?

It is important to take into account that the voltage is different in different parts of the world and this can cause your devices to not work properly in the country you go to. We also recommend that some electronic devices may generate tax payments.

What other things do I have to take into account before preparing my move?

It should be considered that living plants cannot be included within the international move, as well as perishable foods or flammable items.

is it necessary to stay at origin country while my household goods are being packed?

Depending on origin and destination country different procedures must be carried out, you should ask your move specialist in order to leave everything ready before your departure.