In MyM, our operation in compliance have the strictest quality and packaging standards at an international level, which is why we care to ensure that your goods are protected at the time of shipment using different types and packaging materials.

This advantage allows us to give each and every one of our clients the peace of mind that their goods will arrive in perfect conditions either in national territory or anywhere in the world.

We have the support of an experienced team of trained packers, according to the strictest international quality standards in packaging, ensuring the protection and handling of your goods, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your utensils are in the right hands.

We use different types of packaging and materials for the protection of your goods, ensuring the transfer of your belongings to any part of the world.

Types of packaging

Cushioned (polifom with Kraft)

Corrugated (high strength corrugated cardboard)

Boxes (barrels, books, flat and hanging wardrobe, among others.)

Wooden boxes (custom built to protect works of art and fragile items).

Complicated maneuvers

Blasting – In case access by stairs, elevators or doors is restricted.

Hauling – When the unit. moving, because of its dimensions, it has no access at the foot of the house.

Shoveling – They are carried out when the moving unit, due to its size or restrictions of the fractionation or colony, does not have access, so it is necessary to use a unit of smaller volume. to do. the exit or entry of goods in their homes.